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Sea buckthorn juice

Sea buckthorn juice

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Sea buckthorn juice:

I passed sea buckthorn fruit in the blender with honey and a little water and I got a delicious juice (I didn't strain it, because the peels and seeds contain the most vitamins).


Sea buckthorn juice - Recipes

Sea buckthorn fruits are recognized as the most effective natural multivitamins. Sea buckthorn's secret weapon is the high concentration of vitamin A and beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant that helps regenerate tissues by creating new cells.

This alloy of vital substances helps the immune system keep diseases away from us. Sea buckthorn can be consumed in many ways, for example in its pure state, with honey, in the form of powder, juice, oil, wine, jam, tea, tincture, etc. Sea buckthorn is an excellent immunostimulant, healing, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, astringent, antibiotic, aphrodisiac.

Sea buckthorn preparations are recommended in case of: liver, eye, colds, respiratory viruses, gastroduodenal diseases, urticaria, eczema, gastric ulcer, atherosclerosis, chronic fatigue, overwork.

In addition to the multiple therapeutic indications, there is a negative side, which is often unknown or neglected. Like any synthetic medicine, herbs have side effects, contraindications, and can cause complications when the dose is not followed. It is good to know that the use of plants is not completely harmless, it is necessary to strictly observe the doses and terms. Exceeding them often causes various disorders in the balanced functioning of the body.

Careful! Sea buckthorn is contraindicated for patients with acute cholecystitis, pancreatitis, chronic diarrhea. In men, sea buckthorn can cause adenomatous prostatitis, and in women mastopathy due to the content of phytohormones. In cases of asthma and other rare cases, beta-carotene, which is found in large quantities in sea buckthorn, can cause allergies.

The use of medicinal plants in the healing of children requires special attention. It is recommended to consult a pediatrician and in-depth knowledge of phytotherapy.

-300g sea buckthorn fruit
-150g of honey (to taste)
-1.5l of water
Wash sea buckthorn fruits. Put all the ingredients in the blender and strain. Drink fresh or store in the refrigerator.
The juice can also be prepared on the stove. Boil the sea buckthorn fruit with sugar for about 15 minutes, then leave it to cool and strain it, also, into the bottle.
The benefits of sea buckthorn juice
Sea buckthorn juice is able to treat a wide range of health problems cough and digestive problems until affected blood circulation and pain. In recent years, the claimed benefits of sea buckthorn grains have been subjected to an increasingly rigorous scientific evaluation, and the results have been promising.
Inhibits the growth of certain cancer cells
A Canadian study found that sea buckthorn juice effectively inhibited the development of various cancer cell lines, including stomach, prostate, intestinal and breast cancer. It is able to stop the series of events that cause cancer cells to divide and reproduce.
A great source of vitamin C.
Oranges and orange juice are usually considered the best natural sources of vitamin C, but compared to sea buckthorn berries and their juice, the amount of vitamin C in oranges is very small. A quantity of 100g of sea buckthorn fruit contains up to 2500 milligrams of vitamin C, while a similar portion of fresh oranges offers just over 50 milligrams. Vitamin C is essential for bones, gums, helps prevent iron deficiency and debilitation by improving the body's ability to absorb dietary iron.

Source of carotenoids
Sea buckthorn berries have been reported to contain significant amounts of carotenoids that are precursors of vitamin A. Carotenoids and vitamin A have different roles in human health, but the best known health benefits refer to their ability to prevent diseases involving the eyes, inclusive age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, night vision and retinitis pigmentosa. Carotenoids help improve skin tone and to reduce the risk of skin cancer.
Blood sugar control
A Finnish study suggests that this drink helps maintain blood sugar and protects the body against type 2 diabetes.
Positive effects on cardiovascular health
Numerous studies have evaluated the oil in these fruits on certain risk factors cardiovascular disease and found that it has beneficial effects on blood clotting. Another study found that rodents with high levels of cholesterol they got a whole bunch of benefits when sea buckthorn fruits were added to high-fat diets. The animals showed a decrease in the total level of LDL cholesterol, a weight loss and triglycerides in the liver.

Sea buckthorn recipes & # 8211 Sea buckthorn remedies

  1. Sea buckthorn fruits can be eaten fresh or dried, in various simple teas or mixed with other fruits of the forest. Their importance in traditional and modern medicine is undeniable, sea buckthorn being used in the treatment of many diseases.
  2. In the form of infusion of fruits fresh sea buckthorn is recommended in the treatment of urticaria, alcoholism, neurosis, gout, anemia, hepatitis or rheumatism. Prepare sea buckthorn tea from 2 tablespoons of fruits crushed over which pour half a liter of boiling water. The infusion time is 10 minutes, strain it and drink the liquid fractionally over the course of a day.
  3. Concentrated infusion made as in the previous recipe, but with an infusion time of 30 minutes is recommended in cirrhosis of the liver.
  4. Decoction of a tablespoon of fruits dried and crushed, boiled for 2-3 minutes with 200 ml of boiling water and sweetened with a teaspoon of acacia honey has indications in the treatment of atherosclerosis.
  5. Mixture of sea ​​buckthorn with honey & # 8211 (see recipe here) Leave to soak in a closed container for 10 days. After 10 days, consume one tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach to strengthen the immune system. This sea buckthorn recipe with honey, if prepared correctly, does not ferment. it is a very good protector. It is used against frostbite, burns, radiation (and not only).

All these recipes with sea ​​buckthorn they are useful in the house of any of us. We can use these recipes with sea ​​buckthorn to treat us of various diseases, but also to keep them at bay, to protect us from the viruses around us.

Sea buckthorn is a magical ingredient that can be used by anyone at any time. It is a gift received by all of us to keep us young and healthy. These recipes with sea ​​buckthorn They are widely used worldwide, especially by people with health problems.

Sea buckthorn juice

Sea buckthorn in the form of oil (sea buckthorn oil) is beneficial in diseases such as gastric and duodenal ulcers, diarrhea, rheumatism, neuroendocrinological, circulatory and liver diseases. It is also used in alcoholism, stress, asthenia, anemia, coronary heart disease, hypertension, gingivitis. It also has a noteworthy effect on depression, Parkinson's disease, tumors, adenomas, mouth diseases, pharyngitis, hoarseness, flu, colds, intoxications and leukemia.
Sea buckthorn is considered a good anti-inflammatory, healing, antibiotic, astringent, anticancer. It is also indicated for the treatment of liver, spleen and kidney diseases.

Sea buckthorn is also used as an oil for eye diseases (myopia, farsightedness, glaucoma, cataracts), hives, allergies, dermatoses, low immunity, skin ulcers, eczema, acne, bedsores, hemorrhoids, psoriasis and sunburn. Sea buckthorn is a good sweat and is also used in treatment of certain gynecological diseases.
It can be used in diets because inhibits appetite, but at the same time vitaminizes the body.
Sea buckthorn oil keeps your cholesterol under control.
It should be noted that the anti-inflammatory, healing and antibiotic properties are also possessed by the bark of the sea buckthorn bush.

Sea buckthorn helps preserve youth

Sea buckthorn or rather, sea buckthorn buds in the form of tincture are an excellent remedy against the aging process.
Sea buckthorn buds have, it seems, and an aphrodisiac effect.

Sea buckthorn & # 8211 benefits

Sea buckthorn berries are used in many natural remedies because they are rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins C, B1, B2, B6 and E. The benefits of sea buckthorn:

  • It can lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels
  • Reduces the risk of developing heart disease
  • It lowers blood sugar and can therefore prevent diabetes
  • Sea buckthorn oil can restore the radiance of the skin
  • It can slow down the aging process

Being rich in antioxidants, sea buckthorn protects the body from free radicals and strengthens immunity. Also, regular consumption of sea buckthorn can maintain heart health, preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

Sea buckthorn fruits are harvested from August to September. If we run out of sea buckthorn fruits after preparing syrups, sauces, etc. we can freeze them. We can also make a puree of sea buckthorn and put it in a sealed container. We can keep it in the freezer for up to 2 years.

Sea buckthorn fruits contain 15 times more vitamin C than oranges. They are quite sour, so when they are used to make syrup, jam or ice cream they are sweetened.

Sea buckthorn fruits also contain antioxidants and fatty acids.

Traditional Chinese medicine uses sea buckthorn to improve the function of the digestive tract and strengthen the immune system.

Sea buckthorn syrup - recipes without boiling

I recommend you try this recipe to make sea buckthorn syrup, because it does not require cooking fruit, then you will enjoy all the benefits of sea buckthorn, because it retains all its vitamins and nutrients.


Method of preparation:

Wash the fruits well and mix them using a blender, until you get a liquid puree. Add corn syrup or sugar and stir for another minute. Strain the syrup through a sieve and set aside the pulp. Dilute the syrup with water and serve.

I always wanted to add sea buckthorn to my diet, because it has strong antioxidant properties and helps strengthen the immune system. So, I decided to make this sea buckthorn syrup.

This syrup strengthens the immune system to fight viruses and treat colds faster. It should be consumed, especially in autumn and spring.

You could also try the following sea buckthorn syrup recipe with honey, ginger and lemon.

For sea buckthorn syrup with honey, ginger and lemon you need:

  • 200 ml sea buckthorn juice (about 500-600 g sea buckthorn fruit)
  • 200 gr honey
  • The juice from a piece of ginger 2.5-5 cm
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice

Method of preparation:

Put the sea buckthorn fruits in a blender or pass them with a fork. Using a piece of gauze or a strainer, squeeze the juice into a bowl. Mix sea buckthorn juice with honey. Put the ginger on a grater and then squeeze it to get the juice.

Add the ginger juice to the mixture of sea buckthorn juice and honey. Then add the freshly squeezed lemon juice. The syrup is ready.

Drink a tablespoon of syrup mixed with water on an empty stomach every morning. It is recommended to consume this syrup for 1-2 weeks, 1-2 times a year.

Sea buckthorn syrup with ginger & # 8211 effects on the body

Sea buckthorn syrup is not a miracle potion. However, it contains important nutrients that help the body function a little better or even much better.

The results vary, depending on health and lifestyle. If you have an unhealthy diet and consume syrups for immunity, you will not get the desired results.

What makes this syrup so strong is the high content of vitamins and minerals.

  • contains vitamin A, vitamin C and B vitamins
  • fights infections
  • supports the digestive system
  • helps the proper functioning of the nervous system
  • helps reduce inflammation
  • slows down the aging process

  • has anti-inflammatory effects
  • promotes good quality sleep
  • has antibacterial and antioxidant properties
  • supports the digestive system
  • has anti-inflammatory effect
  • increases the energy level
  • helps lower blood sugar
  • helps improve digestion
  • fight colds and flu
  • fights infections
  • helps balance pH
  • contains potassium and vitamin C.
  • supports the digestive system
Boiled sea buckthorn syrup recipe


Method of preparation:

Rinse the sea buckthorn fruits and put them in a large pot. Add 1.5 liters of water and put the pot on the stove over low heat. When it starts to boil, take the pot off the heat.

Crush the boiled fruit and strain it through a sieve into another pot. Add sugar and bring to a boil. Pour the hot syrup into clean bottles. Seal them immediately.

Allow the syrup to cool, then serve. When you put it in glasses, you can decorate it with sea buckthorn fruit. To sweeten sea buckthorn syrup you can use corn syrup or honey instead of sugar.

Sea buckthorn is very rich in vitamin C, in fact it contains 10 times more vitamin C than oranges. 100 grams of sea buckthorn fruit contains approximately 400-600 mg of vitamin C.

With such a high content of vitamin C, sea buckthorn and sea buckthorn syrup are used to strengthen the immune system and prevent or treat colds faster.

In addition to vitamin C, sea buckthorn also contains Omega-7 fatty acids, carotenoids, flavonoids, monosaccharides and important minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium.

Omega-7 fatty acids prevent gastric ulcer and support the optimal functioning of the digestive system.


It is currently unknown whether pregnant or breastfeeding women are allowed to consume sea buckthorn or other products containing this ingredient.

Also, people with high blood pressure should not eat sea buckthorn fruit or sea buckthorn juice, as they lower blood pressure.

Homemade sea buckthorn juice with honey, simple and fast

I was telling you, in the article that I published last week and that you can read HERE how to make sea buckthorn with honey. There I also told you about what sea buckthorn contains, how beneficial it is to consume it, but also about the contraindications to using sea buckthorn when you have certain health problems.

I also mentioned then that sea buckthorn juice can be made into a juice that can be stored in honey for 3 months. So today I will give you the recipe for sea buckthorn juice with apples, a simple recipe and very easy to make. There is also the version of sea buckthorn juice with sugar, cooked together, but this idea does not make me smile.

It is true that if we preserve it in this way we can keep it in the pantry without any problems for a longer time, but what is the point? Sugar consumption is not good for our body and, moreover, I do not see why I would like to preserve sea buckthorn juice in this way when I can, very well and very easily to preserve sea buckthorn simply by keeping it in the freezer and when I need it. , to thaw and make fresh juice that I combine with honey.

We also talked about 3 methods of preserving sea buckthorn in winter in the video version, in which you will find both today's recipe for sea buckthorn juice and sea buckthorn with honey and how to put sea buckthorn in the freezer. You have the video below.

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As I said above, to make sea buckthorn juice with honey you don't have to deal with a complicated recipe. Basically, the sea buckthorn is passed very well with the help of a food processor or a blender or a mini choper, after which the juice is separated from the pulp and combined with honey in equal proportions.

When squeezing the juice, avoid using a regular strainer that has metal. In contact with the metal, sea buckthorn oxidizes. In addition, an ordinary strainer will not filter very well and therefore you will not get a clear, clearer, more concentrated juice in the end. That is why it is good to use a piece of gauze, washed very well, dried and folded in 2 or 4.

After squeezing very well and separating the juice from the pulp we will measure the amount of liquid obtained and over it we will put an equal amount of honey. Stir and store, refrigerate, refrigerate. It is safest to keep in the refrigerator until consumed because there is a risk of fermentation.

At the same time, a potential factor that could lead to fermentation is not to dry the sea buckthorn after washing it very well. The more water there is, the greater the risk of fermentation.

It would also be ideal, but not mandatory, to use sterilized jars beforehand. You have HERE an article in which I show you in detail how to sterilize the jars.

In addition to honey, propolis tincture or other preparations derived from honey can be added to this juice, thus enhancing the beneficial effect that the consumption of sea buckthorn and honey has for the body.

It should be noted that both sea buckthorn with honey and sea buckthorn juice will not be consumed too late in the day. Sea buckthorn is not only a very good vitaminizer and immunizer but also an energizer. So you better not take sea buckthorn after 5 p.m.

Sea buckthorn benefits. Simple and practical sea buckthorn recipes.

Few know the living depths of nature. I believe that everything has its place. However, there are real arguments that prove the benefits of the genesis of our shrub in question.


From the point of view of the scientific framework, sea buckthorn is part of:
Family: Elaeagnaceae
Gender: Hippophaë
Species: Hippopha Rhamnoides
Shrub of medium size, fruitful, spinescent, found both on the sub-Carpathian lands and on the banks of the Danube, the sandy, stony regions are the most favorable in the development of the species with a temperature resistance of up to & # 8211 45 o C.

The leaf blade (leaf) has an elliptical shape, and the back of the leaf tongue determines a silvery color due to the scaly hairs inserted on it.

fruit sea ​​buckthorn is a false drupe (fleshy, juicy single-seeded fruit) , which means that the seed inside the false drupe is the true fruit of the sea buckthorn. I will describe our sea buckthorn in colors that will generate from light yellow to orange, the more mature the drupe its shade intensifies, the shape of the drupe is spherical, elliptical. Once we have established biological identification we focus on the area of ​​importance of this highly discussed shrub. It should be noted that not only sea buckthorn fruits have great benefits on the human body but also the leaves that constitute it as a noble species. The relevant organs that give nobility to our shrub are: leaves, fruits. I will describe in turn the chemical composition but also the benefits brought by the actual consumption of these wonders of the organic-vegetative and multiplication universe.

Chemical composition and significant properties of sea buckthorn leaves

The description of the chemical composition helps to identify the real elements that enter the structure of the organ in question and that gives suggestive importance to its use on the human body.

Cellulose & # 8211 improves and balances in an optimal rhythm the intestinal bacterial microflora.

Leukocyanidin & # 8211 helps increase capillary resistance

Mineral salts & # 8211 K, Like Mg, support the normal functioning of the body

Tannic acid & # 8211 inhibits the inflammatory process, exhibiting antiviral properties

Ascorbic acid & # 8211 is the most notable natural antioxidant

The miraculous properties of sea buckthorn leaves act spontaneously in the treatment of various gastrointestinal diseases and inflammation of the joints following a microbial infection is inhibited, prevents the deposition of uric acid salts in the joints, helps regulate high blood pressure, reduces negative cholesterol (substance detected in the protoplasm of cells) causing cardiovascular disease.

Sea buckthorn therapeutic applications

The tincture of sea buckthorn leaves has an essential remedy in treating various skin conditions such as: ECZEMA, ACNE, DERMATITIS, DEHYDRATION OF THE EPIDERM. It has a positive action on liver cells by regenerating them. Ingestion of the resulting tincture impedes the aging process of the cells

& # 8211 350ml food ethyl alcohol with a concentration of 70 o

Leave to soak for 15 days, during which time the container is hermetically sealed. During the 15 days the container is shaken repeatedly, after the mentioned time the filtration process follows. The resulting tincture is consumed 20 minutes before the important meals of the day.

You can even prepare infusions by adding 2-3 teaspoons of ground leaves in 300 ml of boiled water, the result is to strengthen the immune system.

Chemical composition and significant properties of SEAFOOD

Sea buckthorn fruits are a real mine that holds the most important sources of the human body, starting from microelements, mineral salts to vitamins, antioxidants and vegetative hormones.

The most important microelements present in sea buckthorn fruit are given by Ca, Mg, Fe, P (Phosphorus), K (Potassium), Mo (MOLYBDENUM), B (Bor)

Ca & # 8211 essential role in maintaining a healthy bone system, ESSENTIAL TO LIFE

Mg & # 8211 not missing from our diet, because insufficient daily dosage leads to increased blood pressure, osteoporosis, DIABETES

Fe & # 8211 the 3rd element of special importance for the body, its insufficiency leads to SEVERE ANEMIA

P & # 8211 phosphorus in combination with That helps maintain the hardness of tooth enamel.

K & # 8211 is a chemical element loyal to the heart, an extremely important element in supporting cardiac activity

Mo & # 8211 helps iron to improve its functions, breaks down carbohydrates, proteins.

B & # 8211 in combination with Mg, Ca, P, retains the formation of blood clots, accelerates the level of testosterone (male hormone)

Vitamins play an important role in the normal functioning of the body, the vitamins found in sea buckthorn fruit are the following: A, B1, B2, B6, B9, E.

A protects the skin, inhibits premature aging

B1 (thiamine) helps vitalize the body by stimulating the Central Nervous System

B2 (riboflavin) it is ideal for people who support repeated physical exertion

B6 (pyridoxine) stimulates the muscular system takes place (d evelopment mass muscle) by increasing the volume during the effort made during training.

B9 (folic acid) & # 8211 has accelerated power to grow hair, nails

Due to the shade of yellow-orange fruit we can identify the concentration of β-CAROTENOID which it possesses, some researchers claim that this fruit contains more β-CAROTENOID than carrot. Amazing! Hence the proverb "Strong essences are in small bottles." Yes, absolute reality! Did you know that… this wonder of nature has a concentration of vitamin C 10 times higher than citrus fruits? I was thinking about the fact that I have to eat 10 lemons to face my opponent, CĂTINA. However, our fruit still has various saturated, unsaturated acids.

Malic acid & # 8211 Improves energy levels, especially during workouts

Succinic acid & # 8211 can be used as a food additive, or dietary supplement

Ursolic acid & # 8211 supports fat burning, and not only are flavonoids present the same as those in ( Gingko grandson ) stimulating neural functions in an accelerated manner.

Are you thinking about the real positive effects of sea buckthorn fruits? Which is why various juices, infusions, wines, oils, syrups that have amazing effects for the human body have been and continue to be obtained.


We wash the fruits well, in a saucepan put both the fruits and the sugar to boil. The boiling process is done on low heat for 15 minutes. After cooling, filter the juice and pour into various containers, then keep cool.

Method II, the most effective

Without requiring the boiling process, we can get a delicious juice with a blender in which we will put the fruit with a quantity of polyfloral honey (according to everyone's taste) and a little water for homogenization. Normal consumption is 30 ml 3 times / day, before the main meals of the day.


The infusions prepared from sea buckthorn fruits have visible effects on health, it is ideal and recommended to enjoy them in cold weather, because vitamin C present in very high concentration prevents and treats diseases of the upper respiratory tract (flu & # 8211 followed by cough, chills , esophageal pain, etc.)

Sea buckthorn with the addition of honey helps to quickly activate immunity, this leads to increased appetite, a good energizer! Give up the commercial ones and consume 1-3 teaspoons of sea buckthorn with honey in the morning before breakfast, you benefit from energy for the whole day!

The preparation is simple:

Wash the fruit very well, then dry it, add it to a container together with honey, polyfloral honey would be ideal, the amount of honey estimated either at the discretion of each (at least a quarter of the total amount), then leave to soak. at least a week.

Obtaining wine is a more complex method, we use fresh, crushed fruit.

Add the sugar, yeast and boiled water in a jug. It should be noted that all the projections of the fruit are lost through the boiling process, so it is necessary for the boiled water to be cooled precisely in order to preserve the properties (vitamins) of the fruit. The contents of the carafe must be homogenized and this operation is performed by a few lateral movements. A plug with a central opening is inserted in the upper part, through which a rubber hose is passed and the terminal end of the hose is inserted in a container with water. This operation allows the gases formed after fermentation to be released from the tank without the entry of air from the atmosphere. Fermentation is completed in 5 weeks, but we must take into account the temperature at which we keep the damigeana. The wine is extracted from the carafe with the help of a rubber hose, poured into hermetically sealed containers and kept for 30 days. The wine obtained can be administered to children over 5 years, but only one teaspoon / day, 20 minutes before the main meal in the morning. Adults can even consume 50 ml 3 times a day, 20 minutes before main meals.


Sea buckthorn oil can be obtained with the help of oils present in everyone's household. First of all, the fruit is washed, an operation performed on the previous recipes, followed by the crushing process, we add almond oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil, we use 2 oils of our choice for the mixture and we homogenize all this with the help of a blender, the resulting mixture is kept in a hermetically sealed glass container, protected from light and heat for 3-4 weeks. After 3-4 weeks, the resulting oil can be extracted, which must be kept away from light and heat.


Sea buckthorn therapy helps with weight loss!

Omega-7 fatty acids present in sea buckthorn fruit help you maintain your desired weight! Studies tested on mice (cobia), according to which after an identical diet tested on 2 mice the effect was demonstrated, one of the guinea pigs gained more than normal weight, and the second one who consumed sea buckthorn oil daily maintained normal weight!

Another useful way to maintain weight with the idea of ​​supporting a healthy and resilient body would be to use organic sea buckthorn powder which is a natural product of ground sea buckthorn fruit that keeps the body supple, healthy and cheerful.

An effective diet seeks the elimination of fatty substances (lipids) from the body with the idea of ​​preserving the vital substances so necessary for the proper functioning of the organs and for the maintenance of the immune system. Sea buckthorn powder supports peripheral circulation, is a reliable ally in the fight against adipose tissue and fights against extremely serious diseases such as CANCER. It also helps regulate the INTENSTINAL TRANSITION.

Did you know that sea buckthorn oil has a beneficial effect on neurons capped in MONOTONY? A 12-month cure with this oil and forget about monotony.

Did you know that a 2-3 month cure treats IMPOTENCE in men and INFERTILITY in women due to the presence of vitamin E that maintains the activity of the sex glands.

The oil helps to REGENERATE TISSUES, WOUNDS, SURGERIES through a cure of about 1 month internally.

It is a good skin protector against solar radiation, applied directly to the skin, has a UV filtering effect


– 3 Kg fructe proaspete de cătină

Pentru prepararea siropului de cătină folosim doar ustensile din lemn sau sticlă. Urmează operațiunea de spălare a fructelor, uscarea lor și omogenizarea cu ajutorul unui blender, procesul de filtrare se realizează cu ajutorul unei site, produsul obținut în urma filtrării se combină cu mierea. Siropul obținut se toarnă în recipiente care mai apoi sunt păstrate în frigider.

Știați că siropul tratează HEPATITA, CIROZA HEPATICĂ, ANEMIA? Tot ce trebuie să știți este faptul că tratamentul este urmat de un regim vegetarian strict.

ALCOOLISMUL ȘI TABACISMUL sunt alte afecțiuni ale organismului, însă s-au realizat cercetări care atestă influenta pozitivă a tratamentului cu siropul de cătină, un tratament strict, dar benefic. Se consumă 3-4 lingurițe sirop de 3ori/ zi timp de 3 luni.

Serotonina îsi face simțită prezența în acest fruct, deosebit este efectul său la nivelul S.N.C.( Sistemului Nervos Central)

Serotonina este o substanță chimică care are un rol important în biochimismul funcțional al creierului induce o stare de curaj, calm, foarte benefică persoanelor care se confruntă cu depresii sau stări de teamă. Creșterea nivelului de serotonină prin tratamentele realizate cu cătină ajută simțitor persoanele care se confruntă cu boli psihice. Se țin cure de aproximativ 6 luni cu pulbere de cătina, 1 lingurița de 4 ori/zi.

Ajunși la final putem conștientiza cât de puternice sunt efectele acestor organe de înmulțire, mult discutate asupra organismului nostru și câte beneficii ne oferă cătina prin simpla consumare.

Catina si mierea merg foarte bine impreuna, acest mix fiind un preparat natural cu un continut ridicat de substante nutritive. Bineinteles, poti consuma catina si separat, insa, in combinatie cu mierea, gustul devine mai bogat si mai dulce.

Iata cum poti sa prepari catina cu miere:

1. Reteta de boabe de catina cu miere la borcan

Spala boabele de catina si adauga-le intr-un borcan, apoi toarna miere pana cand borcanul este plin. Proportia corecta este: doua parti boabe de catina la o parte de miere. Eventual, poti sa zdrobesti cu furculita boabele de catina inainte si sa le amesteci cu miere intr-un borcan.

Inainte de consum, amestecul trebuie lasat la macerat timp de cel mult 3 saptamani.

2. Reteta de catina cu miere si aloe vera

O alta reteta pe care poti sa o incerci este cea cu aloe vera. Umple jumatate de borcan cu boabe de catina cu miere, adauga 100 ml gel de aloe vera, 5-6 linguri cu polen si 50 ml pasta de usturoi si amesteca bine.

Beneficiile cătinei

Oamenii ar trebui să consume mai des fructele de cătină. Sucul făcut din fructe de cătină nu este doar delicios, ci și foarte sănătos. Iată ce beneficii are cătina.

Proprietăți anticancerigene

Uleiul de cătină este bogat în fitonutrienți și elemente anticancerigene. Studiile au arătat că uleiul de cătină are un rol hepatoprotector, protejând ficatul și ajutând la regenerarea lui. Utilizarea regulată a cătinei poate ajuta la prevenirea cancerului și a bolilor hepatice.

Ameliorează problemele pielii

Cătina ajută la reducerea multor probleme ale pielii, precum îmbătrânirea prematură și acneea. Poate fi utilizată în mai multe forme (ulei, extracte, concentrate sau fructe proaspete) atât în tratamente interne cât și externe.

Uleiul de cătină poate fi aplicat pe piele pentru a proteja împotriva arsurilor sau pentru a vindeca arsurile solare existente. Ajută la vindecare acneei, dermatitei, eczemelor, pielii uscate și a vergeturilor.

Uleiul de cătină poate fi utilizat și ca loțiune de corp. Combinat cu ulei de migdale, face minuni. Hidratează, hrănește, înmoaie și luminează pielea. Cel mai bun este uleiul de cătină natural.

Uleiul de cătină oferă o strălucire uimitoare pielii. Poate fi folosit chiar și pentru tratarea hiperpigmentării pielii. Dacă dorești să îmbunătățești aspectul petelor de pe piele, aplică regulat ulei de cătină pe petele respective.

Estompează ridurile

De asemenea, poți folosi ulei de cătină pentru a estompa ridurile fine din jurul ochilor. Uleiul de cătină poate îmbunătăți producția de colagen a pielii și poate estompa ridurile. Datorită proprietăților sale antioxidante, uleiul de cătină poate accelera procesul de regenerare și poate încetini procesul de îmbătrânire a pielii.

Combate acneea

Cătina ajută la prevenirea infecțiilor, deoarece poate împiedica bacteriile infecțioase să provoace inflamații în organism. Putem folosi uleiul de cătină pentru a trata cicatricile lăsate de acnee și pentru a ajuta pielea să se vindece mai repede.

Pentru un tratament mai eficient, ar trebui să utilizăm cătina atât extern cât și intern. Putem aplica uleiul de cătină pe piele și, în același timp, putem consuma zilnic suc de cătină sau suplimente de cătină.

Redă strălucirea părului

Dacă vrei să ai un păr sănătos, strălucitor și puternic, ar trebui să folosești ulei de cătină. Utilizând săptămânal un tratament de păr pe bază de cătină, elasticitatea firului de păr va crește. De asemenea, părul va crește mai repede.

Poți face un tratament de păr cu cătină amestecând 1 lingură de ulei de cătină, 1 lingură de ulei de ricin, 10 picături de ulei esențial de rozmarin și 10 picături de tinctură de ardei iute.

Aplică amestecul obținut pe păr, începând de la scalp. Cel mai bine este să aplici tratamentul pe păr seara, apoi să-ți înfășori părul într-un prosop și să lași tratamentul să acționeze peste noapte.

A doua zi, dimineața, spală-ți părul. Folosește acest tratament o dată pe săptămână sau o dată la două săptămâni. Părul tău va arăta mult mai bine!

Ajută la slăbit

Boabele de cătină te pot ajuta să slăbești. Acestea inhibă pofta de mâncare, dar în același timp, alimentează corpul cu vitamine. Studiile au arătat că uleiul de cătină ajută la menținerea nivelului normal de zahăr în sânge, ajutând astfel și la combaterea diabetului zaharat de tip 2.

Cum să adaugi cătina în dieta ta?

De obicei, consum cătina în două moduri: suc de cătină sau boabe combinate cu miere.

Pentru a face un suc de cătină, folosim un storcator sau un blender. Putem dilua sucul de cătină cu puțină apa. Îndulcim sucul cu miere sau orice alt îndulcitor sănătos. Boabele de cătină sunt foarte acre, de aceea vom folosi îndulcitorul.

Boabele de cătină cu miere au un efect uimitor atunci când vine vorba de vindecarea durerii în gât și a gripei. Chiar pot face minuni. De asemenea, pot fi consumate pe stomacul gol, în fiecare dimineață, pentru că acționează ca un imunostimulator excelent.

Când se culege cătina?

Cel mai bun moment pentru recoltarea fructelor de cătină este chiar înainte de primul îngheț. De obicei, fructele de cătină se coc până la mijlocul lunii septembrie.

Boabele de cătină se găsesc în grămezi foarte strânse, de aceea sunt cam dificil de cules. În plus, boabele se desprind greu de pe crengi, de aceea, ar fi bine să folosim o foarfecă ascuțită. Trebuie însă să avem mare grijă când tăiem crengile. Dacă tăiem prea multe crengi, arbustul nu va mai face multe fructe anul următor.

Suc de cătină – rețetă

Sigur o să-ți placă această băutură delicioasă și sănătoasă. Este plină de vitamine. De fapt, fructele de cătină conțin de 10 ori mai multă vitamina C decât citriciele.

Consumând zilnic un pahar cu suc de cătină, îndulcit cu miere, vei avea mai multă energie.

Ingrediente necesare:

  • 500 gr fructe de cătină
  • Apă (cât este necesar pentru a face 1 litru de suc)
  • Miere de albine (după gust)

Method of preparation:

Clătește boabele de cătină. Pune-le în blender și adaugă puțină apă. Amestecă bine. Mai adaugă apă, atât cât este necesar pentru a obține un litru de suc.

Folosește o strecurătoare pentru a separa pulpa și semințele de suc. După ce ai separat cea mai mare parte a sucului, mai strânge pulpa până când se usucă complet ( nu vrem să pierdem vitaminele, nu-i așa?).

Adaugă miere sau orice alt îndulcitor sănătos (nu folosi zahăr). Consumă sucul obținute.

În loc de blender, poți folosi și un storcător de fructe. Folosind un storcător, sucul va fi mai ușor de preparat. Doar pune boabele de cătină în storcător. Diluează apoi sucul de cătină cu apă și îndulcește-l cu miere.

Dacă îți mai rămâne suc de cătină, îl poți turna într-o tava cu forme. Pune tava la congelator. După ce îngheață, scoate cubulețele de suc înghețat și pune-le într-o pungă. Depozitează-le în congelator.

Când vrei să bei suc de cătină, adaugă un cub mic de suc de cătină înghețat într-un pahar cu apă. Adaugă miere, după gust.