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Mint-flavoured tennis truffles recipe

Mint-flavoured tennis truffles recipe

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Joanne Todd, pastry chef to Guoman Hotels, shares her recipe here to celebrate Wimbledon tennis. These truffles have a cream, mint and white chocolate centre, dipped in white chocolate.

Midlothian, Scotland, UK

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IngredientsMakes: 35 truffles

  • 240g whipping cream
  • 1 half bunch of fresh mint leaves
  • 40g blossom honey
  • 580g white chocolate, melted
  • 10g crème de fraise liqueur
  • 100 to 200g white chocolate, for coating
  • yellow food colouring
  • icing sugar

MethodPrep:1hr ›Extra time:1hr chilling › Ready in:2hr

  1. Heat the cream, mint leaves and honey in a small pot. Once boiled, blend until smooth and pass through a fine sieve.
  2. While the mixture is still warm, add a little warm cream in stages to the 580g melted white chocolate and beat with a spatula. This will ensure that the mixture doesn’t curdle and becomes smooth.
  3. Once the mixture is smooth, mix in the crème de fraise. Chill until set, at least one hour, then roll into balls and re-chill.
  4. Once chilled, melt the remaining white chocolate but ensure that it’s not hotter than 35 degrees C. Add a little yellow food colouring to the melted chocolate.
  5. Dip your truffle balls into the melted chocolate and leave to cool. Stir a small amount of water into the icing sugar to make a thick icing.
  6. Once set, pipe on white icing lines (to resemble the lines on a tennis ball) using a pastry bag fitted with a tip.


Serve with cocktails or afternoon tea!

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Mint-flavoured tennis truffles recipe - Recipes

Last few weeks all of us are staying put at home, one can see people generating lot of positivity through creativity, prayers, acceptance, gratitude and humility.

Some are spending their time worrying and sending us all sorts of ‘gyaan’ or ‘home remedies’, sharing pandemic statistics and doomsday kind of forwards

Some are lightening up the air by tickling our funny bones with witty quips and clippings

Some others are giving and taking online lessons on Yoga, meditation, personal grooming, refresher courses and discourses on building positivity

While some others are totally binging on all the movies and TV shows that they can lay their hands on!

Some old photo albums are getting their dust puffed off in order to relate those good old times to the younger ones at home..

My social media groups are flush with pictures and videos of friends and folks engaged in lot of creative and artistic pursuits….

Men have been proudly posing with an onion or a carrot on a cutting board home-stuck dads posting amazing revelations of time spent with their new found friends – their kids proud moms showcasing lots of creative handiwork of their children and I am seeing pictures that are a proof of quality time in beautiful terrace gardens that are getting tended to with more love and care, and some others are putting on display their renewed interest in fabric painting or embroidery and then there are some more who have been posting pics that ooze delish….

Well, for my family and me, the last category is our favourite, and this time, it was the kids who took over the kitchen scene and showcased some of their creative culinary ideas…. And one of the delectable outcomes I am going to share here today… something that swept me off my feet and made me a proud mum….The Tiramisu Mousse

Mix the Mascarpone cheese with powdered sugar with a hand mixer until smooth. Taste as you add sugar to check sweetness, if you don’t exactly fancy really sweet desserts, you may want to use lesser than a cup. Mix in vanilla extract and add the coffee decoction depending on how strong you want the coffee flavour to be. You can taste as you whip to ensure you get the exact flavour you like. Keep aside the remaining decoction for later use.

Your Tiramisu Mousse is ready!! Refrigerate for minimum 2-3 hours and it is ready to serve.

Enjoy this amazing dessert at home with your family while you stay safe and cheerful!

In case you are not able to get hold of mascarpone in the current scheme of things, you can substitute with fresh home-made Greek yoghurt or with fresh soft home-made cottage cheese. These will give you yummy results as well!

The Rich Dollops for the Cool Cravings……

Summer is round the corner…. With day temperatures already soaring to 35-36 degrees C it’s time to get your glares and caps and sunscreens and sun guards out, to gear up for some real heat!

It’s all about keeping yourself cool and ‘keep your cool’ as well when it gets hot-hot-hot!! So, are you already making a list of all the “cool” stuff that you want to do this summer? How about getting the temperatures soaring with your cool summer fashion and your summer special coolers – ice golas, ice teas, fresh juices, ice candies, slushes, frappes and the ever favourite ice-creams!

What I love the most about summer is all the cool treats that one can be dig into and the grand arrival of the Royal fruit of the season – The Mango!

Come summer and I can savour, devour, eat, drink, gulp, gobble, sleep and dream Mangoes. I also make tons of mango pulp that I stack away in containers in the chilled corners of my freezer, so that I can enjoy my most favourite fruit all year round, long after it has bid adieu for the year.

I still had this little jar of mango pulp left from last year, waiting for me to grab it and transform it into something heavenly delicious. So, as I am making space in my freezer for this year’s fresh stock of mango pulp, I pull this little thing out with a plan in mind to give myself a refresher in making summer’s most sought after cool treat.

No better surprise for my High tea guests who would love an out of the box cool fiesta instead of a routine tea-coffee-muffins-puffs afternoon.

In an afternoon full of iced teas, fresh fruit ‘on the rocks’ coolers, cold sandwiches, cold salads and smoothies, my little jar of mango pulp looked all set to make a show stopper!

Thus was created the low effort, no fuss and superfast Real Mango Ice-cream!

Chill the blending container in the fridge for 30 minutes. You need to make sure all your ingredients are also refrigerated for few hours before you start blending your ice-cream.

In the chilled blending container, add the mango pulp, milk powder, condensed milk and fresh cream. Using an electric blender pulse beat the mixture at low speed till it thickens to just about pouring consistency. Pour the mixture in a flat round container and freeze it for at least 8 hours till it is fully set.

Voila! Your perfectly soft, creamy, smooth and rich ice cream is ready!! Your ‘no fuss’, no icy chunks, no synthetics version is a pure pleasure for the eyes and the taste buds in concert!

Gently scoop out dollops of your ice-cream and serve.

While blending, keep checking after every few blends for the right consistency. It should not take you more than 5-7 minutes to reach this stage. Don’t over beat the mixture of else the cream will separate making it into buttery chunks.

Everyone back home simply loves this ice-cream. With no thickening agents, synthetic ingredients or stabilisers, I indulge my friends and family with versions of this dessert right through the summer.

There are so many creamy flavours one can do – Chocolate, Vanilla, Fresh Strawberry, Tender Coconut, Choco chips, Mocha I plan to try making one using the kids’ health drink powder for flavour.… Wonder how it will turn out! Sure it should be good, right? I plan to try them all this summer… guess you are keen to do that toooooo!!

So wishing you a super chilled out summer with loads of frosty creamy chilled creations from your kitchen. Keep expressing yumminess with your super cool ingenuity…. S’long!

Adding flavour to creations…. Jalapeno pickle

Do you recollect having had that feeling of weariness as you may have sunk into the sofa late some evening? May be a marathon day with back to back meetings at work or a long afternoon entertaining an assortment of relatives over an intricate well spread out lunch menu…?

I have been in similar situations plenty and I am familiar with an ardent desire to become invisible for the rest of evening or a sincere hope that my comfy sofa engulfs me to relax inside its fluffy cushions to be released next morning fully rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to take on the brand new bright day!

Cut to reality, there would be a long mental to do list of the chores I need to finish and a dinner to be served before I can even think of hitting the sack! A quick one dish meal idea usually comes to rescue on such occasions, decreasing my work load to a large extent and at the same time ensuring happy faces and equally happy tummies by bed time.

And on this day, I chose to make one of the easiest one dish meals – a pan grilled tofu with a stir fry of fresh veggies and a fresh tomato sauce. I finished it with a toss of pickles that added an impeccable punch to the dish.

I have taken a liking to storing some pickled marinates in my fridge because nothing comes more handy in adding an oomph to many a gourmet meals and to a myriad of quick fix meals!

Pickled gherkins …. Olives…. Carrots shreds…. Marinated onion rings… pickled jalapenos… are my favourites though there are so many of them available, the list can go on and on….These and many more have been the secret to many a scrumptious pizza, pasta, sandwiches and salads that we would have relished in our much loved restaurants, cafes and bistros.

I used to get all these pickle jars of the shelf at my favourite store, and then I had a friend of mine share with me his recipe of pickling jalapenos…. And ever since, I always have handy in my fridge, a jar of some succulent homemade jalapeno pickle, in order to add that distinct hot and sweet zing to any cuisine.

Here’s how you can make a marinade pickle…

10-12 jalapenos, sliced into rings

2 large peeled cloves of garlic

1-2 tbsp salt as per taste

1 mid-sized glass jar with an airtight lid (completely dry)

In a sauce pan, add 1 cup of water, 1 cup vinegar, salt, garlic cloves, bay leaf and peppercorns and heat it up to boiling point only. Add honey, mix well till dissolved. Now add the sliced jalapeno rings into the liquid and press down gently so that all the rings are soaked well.

Leave for about 10-15 minutes and you notice the colour of the jalapeno rings changes from bright green to a pale green.

Scoop out the rings and put them into the glass jar. Now slowly pour the hot pickling mixture along with the whole spices into the jar. Gently press the jalapenos down with a spoon, so that air pockets if any are released.

Leave uncovered till it cools down completely. Once at room temperature, put the airtight lid and store away in the refrigerator.

These will easily stay good for 6-7 months. And during this time, be assured that you are going to elevate your pizza, pasta, salads and more to a very fine food experience.

What to eat and drink in Norway

The journey from the town of Ålesund to the village of Geiranger takes in what is perhaps the epicentre of the iconic fjords of western Norway.

The fjord landscapes are quite literally the stuff of legend: they have given life to great parts of the Norwegian traditional folklore, describing the dramatic waterfalls, the high-rising mountain walls and the icy-blue deep fjords. Ålesund has long been the gateway to these fjords.

A port built on fishing and commerce, it is the largest fishing harbour in Norway and home to the best of the country’s renowned seafood. But it is also built on the ashes of a great catastrophe.


Ålesund – the town that burned

You wouldn’t know it to look at the beautiful architecture today but the town wasn’t always so picturesque. In 1904 a fire spread throughout the streets, destroying 850 houses and leaving most of Ålesund in ruins. It proved to be one of the worst fires in Norway’s history.

As the restoration of the city started, aid arrived from all over the country – but it was German emperor Wilhelm II’s love for the area that helped the most. He’d fallen in love with western Norway years earlier and having visited the city many times, donated large amounts of money and resources to help rebuild the city. Every house was rebuilt with its own individual identity, which is why Ålesund today is considered one of the most important Art Nouveau-style cities in the world. Now the islands, canals and architecture of the city make it one of the most beautiful in Norway.

Geiranger – fjord filled with food

The Geiranger fjord is home to some of Norway’s finest food producers. While the area boasts only a small community, people here are clearly inspired by the beautiful surroundings in making artisan products.

Buy chocolate made in an old boathouse in Geiranger

Chocolate shop Geiranger Sjokolade makes handmade artisan chocolates focusing on local ingredients. Go to its café and taste the incredible creations, or call owner Bengt and ask to book a tour of its production cellar and tasting. Its hot chocolate is excellent, and the more adventurous can try the unique brown cheese chocolate truffles.

Sip the local brew

The Geiranger Brewery was started only two years ago, but is already becoming a favourite with drinkers in Norway’s thriving craft beer community. Get a taste of its beers in Brasserie Posten, Hotel Union or Stranda Hotell. Its Vikingstøa pale ale was judged to be among the 10 best beers in Norway in 2016 and is well worth a try.

Sample the cured meats

Tind Spekemat is one of the best cured meat producers in Norway, relying both on old Norwegian traditions and international inspiration. Its factory is located in Stranda, just outside of the village of Geiranger.

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