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The Best Juice Bars in America 2013

The Best Juice Bars in America 2013

Where to find the most nutritious juices from coast to coast (no excuses to not drink healthy!)

Where to find the best juices in juice bars from coast to coast.

When most Americans think of juice, they might think of a carton on the breakfast table, or maybe a brightly packaged bottled flavor of juice, or maybe they even think of a muddy-tasting fresh juice that comes from a deli. We are going to bet, however, that most people don’t think of ingredients like Swiss chard, sunflower sprouts, coconut water, and sweet potato. But today, it's all the rage to be drinking juices made from each and every ingredient from every spectrum of the rainbow.

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Other vocabularies that come along with the juice trend are methods like cold-pressing (crushing fruit or vegetables and then pressing the mash to get the highest yield of juice, and never heated to keep nutrients intact), and keeping juice raw (once again, never heating the fruit, which doesn’t damage nutrients and preserves live enzymes). Unfortunately, a cold-press juicer runs for about $500 and more, so it's not always feasible to get these nutritious juices at home. Instead, we've found juice bars that do the work for you.

We researched America’s best juice bars across the country and judged them based on a variety of factors, like how many juices are on the menu, how they are made, what kind of ingredients they use, if they offer juice cleanse packages, and if any celebrities drink up at the location (of course). Whether you are traveling this summer on either coast, heading south, or even are in the middle of the U.S., we have rounded up the best juice bars where you can stop and refresh, refuel, and cool down this summer.

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