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Chicken breast sticks and potato chips

Chicken breast sticks and potato chips

First I prepared the sticks, I cut the chicken fillet into thin sticks and sprinkled a little salt over them, I beat the egg well, then I chopped the cornflakes. I rolled the sticks in flour, then in egg and finally in cornflakes and fried in hot oil. Being quite thin, they fry quickly. Remove on a napkin to absorb excess oil.

Potato chips. We clean the potatoes and with a well-sharpened knife we ​​cut very thin slices, we sprinkle salt on them and we fry them in hot oil, we take out a napkin to them to absorb the excess oil.

And then with a little imagination we place a beautiful plate to invite the capricious to eat.


8 out of 10 children have an account on social networks

"If they are denied online access, children become aggressive"

In the context in which smartphones have become a "must-have" of any child, in the period 2010-2014, in our country, there was an exponential increase, from 25% to 80% of children who have an account on the networks Online socialization is shown in the European study Net Children Go Mobile. The same report reveals that 57% of Romanian children aged between 9 and 16 have a publicly set account, even if, officially, Facebook forbids their access, compared to other European countries, where the percentage is, on average, 27%. Psychologists believe that children's access to the Internet, from an early age, can have both benefits and major disadvantages for their physical and mental development. Moreover, specialists say that mobile internet can distract them from school, and the effects can be reflected, both on their results and on the decreasing degree of socializing face to face.

"If they are denied online access, children become aggressive" . The psychologist Maria Verdi, the director of the ReCreation Life Center, observes that, on closer inspection, this phenomenon has worsened because we have adopted in our country the permissive Nordic style of growth and education. "From an early age, children have no limits, they are allowed to do what they want, until they become the heads of the house. There are parents who put the tablet, the phone at the age of 2, in the child's hands. On anniversaries, the gifts of recent years are tablets, laptops, phones. Children up to one year old are quiet when they cry, with music on the phone. At the age of 2, their parents also create a Facebook account, where they post photo albums. They are raised on Facebook and powered by the internet. The online environment is the surrogate of the parent. Initially, the parent is satisfied that he has a good child, that he stays at home, he plays on the internet. over time, the child socializes more and more difficult in real life, communicates less and less with parents, becomes introverted. The created addiction generates conflicts in the parent-child relationship ", considers the psychologist Maria Verdi.

At the same time, the specialist remarks that, if they are denied online access, today's children become aggressive. The same behavior is manifested in the school environment. "When I am already of school age, I handle the internet with professionalism. during class, their minds are online, on Facebook. In the moments of inattention of the teacher, they communicate on Facebook. ask why they do so, motivate them to get bored at school. We have very gifted, Olympic children, but at the same time we are witnessing the decrease of the interest towards the school, the results are seen in the annual exams, in the simulations made before the exams. The increase in the percentage of childhood depression is becoming worrying. The current educational style seems to be outdated, unattractive for the young generation. Too much theory, heavy, loaded backpacks, scoliosis generators and boredom ", remarks Verdi.

Can Facebook addiction be "cured"?

The parent must be an adult in the relationship with the child, not too authoritarian or behave like the child. The specialist Maria Verdi is of the opinion that we can "detach" the children from Facebook or, in the worst case, we can guide them to use it moderately, for constructive purposes for them. “Every learner has an advantaget. The child needs love, security, authority. It is good to know who is a parent and who is a child in the family. The parent who behaves like a child, is powerless, prays to the child, quarrels with the child to put the internet aside. The authoritarian father criticizes, threatens. The adult parent finds solutions to replace the excessive net with activities that generate well-being and creativity for the child. Old behaviors are replaced with new behaviors, with patience, with gentleness. The adult parent proposes to the child to use Facebook for information when needed and helps him to reintegrate in real life, occupying his time with outdoor activities, sports activities, games ", says Maria Verdi.

Elena's kitchen

Well, this cake is a story. The story is that I don't have a talent for decorating, and those covered with sugar paste or marzipan don't have much in the family. That's right, we must have a defect too! Didn't you think, with all my optimism, that we were perfect? Well, now, seriously, I'm making cakes too. Rare, but I do. It's just that it's not worth posting among the works of art made by some of you! But I have two recipes, which, even if they are not perfectly made and can be "helped" to look much better, are valuable as an idea. One of those recipes is the present one. It is a cake made by a friend of my mother, a lady with great gastronomic experience and with great pleasure to prepare sweets and especially cakes. I know it sounds stereotypical, but because this lady's niece lives, I want to tell her that I made this cake, on my birthday, in memory of the dance, Margareta D. I posted it only now, because I had to some courage.

Add oil, honey, sour cream.

Add the ground walnuts and baking soda.

Add flour a little, until a compact dough is made. Make a ball that is covered and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

The baked sheets come off immediately with a thin knife with a long blade, very careful that they are fragile, placing them on a smooth surface to cool. Continue until all 6 sheets are baked.

Half of it is finely ground, and half is left like this.
Let's move on to the cream. Beat the cream well with the powdered sugar, forming a dense but frothy cream. I used these.

Add the grated lemon peel, some walnuts, ground sesame and unground.

Stir gently with a spatula, lifting from the bottom and turning over. Add the rest of the walnuts. All the cream must remain frothy, but also consistent.

Let me show you a slice now!

It is delicious in taste, not heavy, not very sweet, it is great. Okay, I'll stop here, but please give it a try!

Oh, the dough for the sheets is delicious for the cookies too! They are crispy immediately after baking, but after they are still soft, fragrant and delicious with a glass of milk.


Elena, you have talent and patience and even if you didn't decorate it in an eccentric and twisted way, it's enough that it's simple, but elegant. And very good and tasty and I definitely have to make it. I understand -)

Elena dear well, if you say that you are anti-talented by me, then what do you say? You saw what caricatures of ornaments I make. for me but I am very tempted to try it. many kisses

very nice cake. I like. plus the recipe looks interesting :)

Oh, what would I like a slice too! looks very good.

Oh, you're modest Elena, that slice is already on my bark!

yes I don't understand why you are complaining! the cake looks wonderful and delicious!

Good morning my dear Tiza (second)!
We are so close and yet far away
on the other hand, maybe someday we'll meet.
Your cake looks great and it's not for nothing
given the name & quotTort special & quot. I think it's a delight and a bit meticulous to do, I see ..
Have a beautiful week with many joys!
I kiss you and hug you dearly!
I'm still waiting for you in my paradise.
See you soon.

Liana, this is his only quality, special recipe! I have two left hands on this decorating thing.

Sarah, my dear, is different from the familiar countertop and cream recipes. And when it comes to garnishing, not even the "quotes" or the usual whipped cream piles succeed! Don't even try this cream, because this cream is not suitable to go through the spirit.

Juste Me, thank you, it's really interesting and it's different from what we're used to.

Ana, please serve yourself with a virtual slice! The cake being generous, it is for everyone!

Alison, my dear, I'm realistic, because of what Giovanna does, for example. this is Cinderella's cake! But it tastes great, I guarantee!

Zazuza, well, I wish it looked more beautiful! I am also satisfied with the thought that it is special and has a good, special taste.

Have a nice week everyone!

I also make cakes with sugar paste. but these are more beautiful, adorned more simply. beautiful cake. I think it's tasty.

Geta, it's tasty and a little different than we're used to as a countertop and cream.

ELENA, my dear tea from the green paradise, looks meticulous, but it's not. You just have to be a little careful, so as not to break the countertops, because they are fragile and bake on the back of the tray. The rest is very simple, but good.

It looks exceptional, and the taste is sure to be insane.
I kiss you and I wish you a beautiful week.

Hi Elena, can I serve myself too? Very interesting recipe and as the slice looks..mmmm .. I'm sure it's a delight.
I kiss you and I wish you a beautiful week.

Wow, how good this cake looks. really appetizing!
kiss you, I also took a slice, virtual!

Elena, they can't throw tomatoes at you. may. for nothing in the world!
So, reading the recipe (and having some experience from my youth, heh, heh when I made a lot of cakes and pies - now it's over and I don't eat so many sweets from my "people") I realized that the recipe must to be a very, very good one. when I decide I have where to come to get the recipe, yes I will let you know!
Congratulations !
Have a nice week and achievements!

Pfff, modest as usual, the tortilla looks very good, not too impotent it's not good, it matters to be good. Yours is very appetizing. :))))

very good. beautiful and tasteful. a good week

Don't complain that you don't know how to decorate.
You are a perfectionist and everything turned out flawlessly.
With so many sheets and that fine cream, I think it was delicious.
I copied the recipe.

What do you say, my dear lady? Isn't that beautiful? But it's not true.
The cake looks perfect.
And let's not talk about taste. I think it's a delight.
I wish you a beautiful week.

I can only swallow dry .. when I think about how much I like walnuts in cakes .. I better go drink a glass of water: D

I really like how it turned out, and it doesn't need anything extra & simple and good & quot! I'll try your recipe too, but not now that it's too hot, you will surely see it on my blog when I I decide to do it! A wonderful week!

"Chinese woman," my dear, first of all. Happy birthday, good health! Even if it's a little late that day, I didn't catch her. I don't know what else you have - I don't know how to decorate cakes ?! Wow, there are some blogs that put some pictures, woe is me, I just say. They would be happy to have such a slice. I like that it only has 2 eggs. Our friend is not the syrup, but we also spent our childhood with syrupy cakes. I wish you a wonderful week! I hug you dearly and come and bathe him again in the cool water. you know. I have another series to put on. Cami

The people from Romtelecom did tests, so net. pause. Asaaa.
Yvonne, thank you very much for your appreciation and best wishes. Have a nice week too!

Lissa, thanks for the nice words, but I can't compare myself to what you're doing. I saw some creations around you. mother Mother!

Ana-Maria, thank you for your appreciation, but if I knew that it is not deposited where it should not be, I would say take another slice. Maybe share it with Luana!

Mariana, what beautiful words! Thank you, cute for the encouragement, and when you decide, take the recipe from here and try it.

Laura, if I could, I would have done it with a pastel decor, just enough to cover the surprise inside! But where it is not from. God does not ask either! But good, I guarantee!

Alina, thank you. A week the way you want it to be!

Lia, I'm glad you were impressed. Tell me your impressions when you prepare it, please.

Judy, thank you very much, but it could look so much better, only. he had no one to do that! But the taste is well worth it.

Olgutza, dear and dear, takes a virtual slice, although I know that lust does not pass like that.

Gabriela, I'm glad it piqued your interest! I can't wait to see it tried. Thanks for the wishes, have a great week too!

Cami, my dear, thank you for the wishes, even if they are sent even now! It's as if it was today because these beautiful words came from you. As for the syrup, I didn't use it at all, but my son doesn't want a "quotsec" cake. But you can try unripe sheets, because the sheets soften a little and are not excessively crispy. I can't wait to see what more pictures you put of this great journey! A beautiful week!