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"Gargarita" sandwich

  • slice of bread
  • cream cheese with sour cream delaco
  • slices of smoked muscle
  • Red pepper

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION "Gargarita" sandwich:

Cut the slice of bread into a gargle shape and then grease it with cream cheese

We cut the slice of muscle into 4. 2 pieces we place them over the slice of bread giving shape to the gargle


As a prelude to something that will be more beautiful and bigger, the visit of the pediatrician in one of the Diaconia classes aroused the emotion of young children with big dreams. We wanted to try a different lesson for our clever children in Diaconia and test whether such a method of learning can be applied to a long-term project.

Ioana, a pediatrician, came to meet one of the Diaconia classes and to present some of the biology of the human body, but for everyone's understanding. The children were very excited to listen to their heartbeats and from one to the other they even came to a semi-biology lesson, but very interesting. We don't usually like to learn theory, but when we are taught in an interactive and curious way,

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