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"Truffle" dessert cake

countertop: Grind the biscuits in the food processor (I also had some biscuits and combined them with the biscuits), then add the cocoa and powdered sugar, mix and then add the melted butter. Mix well until you get a crumbly composition. Pour the composition into the tray with a detachable ring and press it well by hand.

Cream: We rub the yolks with the sugar until they turn white and double in volume. Then add the milk and after mixing, add the starch mixed with cocoa (sifted in advance) and mix well.

We boil the resulting composition in a bain marie, at first it is hard, then it will soften and, towards the end, it will thicken again. After about 5-7 minutes (it took me so long to thicken), set aside and let cool slightly, then add the soft butter and mix well, then the cream and vanilla essence.

It tastes like cream and if you think it's not sweet enough, add more sugar (I recommend powdered sugar).

The resulting cream is poured over the cookie sheet and put in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

When it has cooled well, we powder it with cocoa and serve it.

A square of cake is enough arch to satisfy your craving for chocolate, believe me!

Enjoy it with pleasure!