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Snitel with sesame and mashed potatoes

Snitel with sesame and mashed potatoes

First I peeled the potatoes, washed them, cut them into cubes and boiled them in salted water.

I washed the muscle, wiped it and removed its skins with a sharp knife that cuts well. I cut it into slices so that for the slices (not too thick) I beat them well, salted and peppered them. .

I beat the eggs well (in a deep plate) with a little salt, I added 3 lg. Sesame seeds, enough flour to become like a thicker paste and at the end I put 1-2 lg. Mineral water, until it reaches the consistency of a pancake-like composition, a little thicker.

I passed the snails through the composition and fried them on both sides, in hot oil, after which I placed them on the absorbent napkins.

After the potatoes are boiled (when we try to break them with a fork) we drain them from the water, beat them well with a mixer, add butter or margarine (1-2 ling.) And then milk, little by little like mayonnaise ( so the puree will become fluffy). We add salt to taste and nutmeg, if you like.

We served with lettuce with radishes and garlic.

Good appetite!!!

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