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Travel Channel’s “Best Daym Takeout” Goes to New Orleans

Travel Channel’s “Best Daym Takeout” Goes to New Orleans

The YouTube star went to New Orleans for his new show

Patterson's new show, Best Daym Takeout, features New Orleans eateries.

Daymon Patterson, a YouTube star known for his viral “Daym Drops” videos, visited New Orleans in the first episode of his new Travel Channel show, “Best Daym Take-Out.” The second part of the episode, which aired on Wednesday night, featured New Orleans locations that locals recommended to Patterson via social media, according to

In the episode, Patterson visits Treme, one of the country’s oldest African American neighborhoods, to try soul food from Willie Mae’s Scotch House. The “Daym” star then goes to the French Quarter for Acme Oyster House for crawfish and “Boo Fries,” which are topped with roast beef gravy and cheese. His next stop is Freret Street Po Boys & Donuts for a shrimp po-boy.

"My style is different from most of what’s out there," he told The Daily Meal in an interview. "It’s more for the everyday, blue collar individuals. Everywhere you go, there are these amazing mom-and-pop shops and that’s what we’re looking to highlight. We’re asking if it has the best, hot and fresh takeaway food, and I’ll talk about it while sitting in the front seat of my car."

The travel guide for New Orleans, which goes along with this episode, is on the Travel Channel website, giving us a details on what to eat and where to stay.

'Best Daym Takeout': TV review

You might not want Daymon Patterson selecting your meals, but it sure is fun to hear him talk about food.

Patterson is TV's latest Internet wonder, a guy who built up such a following from his entertaining videos that the Travel Channel has signed him for a series.

On the show, he'll be looking for the best takeout in six big cities. Toward this ambitious goal, we see him visit three places in each city, starting Wednesday night with back-to-back episodes set in Chicago and New Orleans.

'Best Daym Takeout's Daymon Patterson Takes His Fast-Food Reviews On The Road (WATCH)

YouTube fame is fleeting, but a discerning palette? Now that'll take you places. First stop: New Orleans, home to James Beard Award-winning fried chicken, otherworldly oysters and a one-stop shop for po'boys and doughnuts that some say put Krispy Kreme to shame.

They're served up at three Louisiana eateries that Daymon Patterson, takeout food reviewer and host of the Travel Channel's upcoming series "Best Daym Takeout," believes are essential to any trip to New Orleans.

Patterson, who began his career of delivering hilarious and insightful commentary on YouTube from the driver’s seat of his car, credits social media with helping him uncover America's local gems. But it's his unique perspective that's helped millions determine which menu items are worth a try.

"I really need to find out what the people love. Let me know what the best takeout is, because it’s going to represent you –- I don’t live here, you live here," Patterson says. "Let me know what’s great to you and I’m going to do my review and find out if it’s great to me. Sometimes I love it, sometimes it just doesn’t sit that well with me, but all the same, I’m able to share that with the rest of the world."

It's that candor that not only landed Patterson his own Travel Channel show, but also a spot on 2012's viral video list. The subject of his YouTube piece: Five Guys burger and fries, a meal Patterson said is practically impossible to mess up.

"I’m big on cheeseburgers I call it my base meal. If a particular establishment can’t do a cheeseburger right, I don’t want to know what else is on the menu, because you messed up a base meal. That’s like messing up a glass of water."

Kudos to Five Guys, but how did the establishments featured on the show's "Super Official New Orleans" episode do? Check out Patterson's reviews below and take a sneak peek of the "Best Daym Takeout," above.

Daymon Patterson

Daymon Scott “Daym” Patterson, better known as Daym Drops, (born September 24, 1977) is an American food critic, YouTube celebrity, and television presenter. He initially gained popularity on the video-sharing site YouTube for his video review of a Five Guys takeout meal, which spawned a viral online song by the Gregory Brothers. He hosted Best Daym Takeout, a food-review oriented television program on the Travel Channel, based on him and with certain aspects borrowed from his YouTube channel, which aired in 2013.

Prior to becoming a fast food critic, Patterson worked as a manager at retail stores including Wal-Mart and was a buyer at CarMax. [2] He now reviews takeaway fast food full-time. Among others, his videos have showcased foods from Burger King, McDonald's, Jack in the Box, In-N-Out Burger, and Taco Bell. [3] He shot to prominence with his viral video titled Five Guys Burgers and Fries Review, where he commented on Five Guys' cheeseburger and fries. The video was remixed into "Oh My Dayum", a song by The Gregory Brothers, which similarly created online buzz. [4] [5] [6] Following his mother admonishing him, Patterson now covers healthier foods in his videos. [7]

His Internet fame spawned interviews with disparate media outlets, including NBC News and Gawker. [8] Chase Hoffberger of The Daily Dot dubbed Patterson as "the most entertaining food reviewer on YouTube". [9] Additionally, he made a guest appearance on an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. [8] In February 2013, he guest-starred in an Epic Meal Time episode titled "Luther Lasagna". [10] Patterson is the host of the ongoing Travel Channel show Best Daym Takeout (2013). [11] In the television show, which is shot at various locations in the United States, Patterson critiques carry out foods on-screen in his car. [12]

He has also appeared in fast food commercials for Popeyes and Burger King.

What’s On Wednesday

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6:20 P.M. (TMC) 50/50 (2011) After Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a 27-year-old radio producer, learns that he has a potentially fatal spinal tumor, his best friend, Kyle (Seth Rogen, above right with Mr. Gordon-Levitt), takes it upon himself to lighten Adam’s load. Bryce Dallas Howard plays Adam’s chilly artist girlfriend in this comedy-drama, directed by Jonathan Levine and written by Will Reiser, based on Mr. Reiser’s experiences with cancer. Anna Kendrick is the therapist assigned to Adam. “The likable Mr. Gordon-Levitt has a thousand ways to look unhappy, dejected, depressed, freaked out, wrung out and sick to his stomach, but there’s something so recessive about Adam, or rather underconceived, that the character never grabs you as hard as you expect and really need,” Manohla Dargis wrote in The New York Times.

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10 P.M. (Bravo) TOP CHEF MASTERS The competitors arrive at the kitchen to find their sous chefs prepping elements for a mise en place challenge, in which the masters must put an Asian spin on an American classic. Kathie Lee Gifford is the guest judge.

10 P.M. (Travel) BEST DAYM TAKEOUT Daymon Patterson, who presents humorous food reviews on his YouTube channel, Daym Drops, searches the country for the best carryout. He begins in Chicago, where he visits Pequod’s Pizza in Lincoln Park, Superdawg in Norwood Park and Mr. Beef in River North. At 10:30 he heads to New Orleans to sample the wares at Willie Mae’s Scotch House in Treme, the Acme Oyster House in the French Quarter and Freret Street Poboy & Donut Shop, Uptown.

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Gumbo Shop

Jeremy Thompson/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

The chicken and andouille sausage gumbo at the Gumbo Shop is regularly voted as the best in New Orleans by the annual Gambit Readers' Poll. The gumbo features a smoky brown broth and just enough spice.

Seafood and okra gumbo is also on the menu, and other preparations also occasionally make their way to the specials board—all of which are worth a sample. The restaurant's location in the French Quarter, just a stone's throw from Jackson Square, makes it an easy stop for most visitors to the city.

Travel Channel’s “Best Daym Takeout” Goes to New Orleans - Recipes

Thanks Cathy for being a super waitress!

Cathy was extremely patient with my party of 15 and handles the table and all orders with grace. She was knowledgeable about the menu, was able to "juggle" staying on top of drink refills, taking orders, changing orders, splitting the check into 4 bills, staying calm and answering many questions all with a smile. She was the BEST.

I was hesitant to visit b/c I heard the food wasn't as good as before "Katrina." However, that IS NOT TRUE! The food was AWESOME at the restaurant and even better the next day.

Our dishes ranged from crab claws (fried & broiled), fried seafood, crawfish etouffe and pasta and everything was delicious.

Give Deanne's another chance if you haven't visited in a while.

Thank you for your awesome review! We appreciate your business. Hope you'll come out to our new Magazine Street location, opening any day now!

10 great places for tasty takeout

Some of the best food comes served in Styrofoam cartons and paper bags, says Daymon "Daym" Patterson, host of a new Travel Channel show, Best Daym Takeout, which premieres Wednesday on the cable channel. Patterson, who rose to restaurant reviewing fame on YouTube, always eats the food in his car. "I have to attack it the moment I get to the front seat." He shares some favorite spots with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.

Patterson's mother introduced him to this City Island eatery, but he keeps coming back for the huge portions. He loves the shrimp cocktail, the cod and his favorite, the fried shrimp. "It's crispy and soft inside and I'm a happy camper." 718-885-0920

Patterson, a committed carnivore, was skeptical when the owner of this restaurant suggested he try a margherita pizza, made with just tomato sauce, cheese, basil and olive oil served on a thin crust. "I would be scared to do it just anywhere, but I put my trust in that pie." And he wasn't disappointed. "He was able to make magic happen with the thinnest dough ever. I took one bite of the crust and I skyrocketed." 802-229-0453

Dino's Chicken and Burgers

This family-run shop cranks out incredible chicken, prepared with a Greek marinade, and served with a tortilla and coleslaw. "It's one extremely juicy situation," Patterson says. "You're licking your fingers. Don't bother with the napkin." He also likes the family atmosphere, with father and daughters working the counter side by side. 213-380-3554

Willie Mae's Scotch House

Patterson has had plenty of fried chicken in his life, but he was impressed with the spicy golden-brown coating at this Mid-City eatery. And the sides were just as memorable. "You can't do your fried chicken without your greens, and those were extra-spicy. And the cornbread was soft and extra buttery. Hard cornbread throws the game off. It's terrible." 504-822-9503

Adam Richman's Best Sandwich In America

Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich In America should probably be taken only as seriously as it takes itself, but I’m not allowed to post sandwich-related Lolcats and leave it at that. Man Vs. Food host Richman has established a bracket to determine the best sandwich from 10 American regions, whose victors will eventually face off against one another to win the iron throne, er, deli counter. Richman has a very scientific grading system called the B.I.T.E. scale to evaluate each sandwich’s bread, interior, taste, and eating experience. Criticism ranges from “absolutely extraordinary” to “without question the best.” In the première alone, the audience is introduced to without question the best pastrami, without question the best corned beef, and without question the best deli anywhere, so make your travel plans accordingly.

Now, it’s probably obvious to Travel Channel regulars that this program exists more as a tour with splashes of travelogue than as a talent competition. Best Sandwich In America would make a terrific Passport-like program that explores the local cultures of American cities via their sandwiches. It could deliver sumptuous food photography against alluring cityscapes or small-town charm, promoting the network’s basic sense of adventure. It could even focus on more than one sandwich per city. It could run for years.

Unfortunately this is not that series. Best Sandwich In America is a competition. An episode visits a region—the Northeast for the première—and descends upon the three chosen delis. Each act shows exactly how a candidate is made with a hint of local flavor, and at the end of each, Richman goes through his rubric. “The bread is perfect. The interior is like titans mating. The taste achieves a kind of ecstatic sorrow, as if every moment of my life going forward will be like falling out of the skyscraper of that pleasure. The eating experience is enlightenment itself.” Or something. The first two square off, and then the victor advances to face the third. At the end, Richman announces the regional champion after his careful weighing of the two competitors’ virtues. And that’s it. No explanation as to what he liked about one sandwich as opposed to the other. It’d be like writing, “No Reservations is the best Travel Channel food show” and expecting people to care.

The worst part is that Richman proves he’s capable of clearly describing these sandwiches when he wants to. At Tommy DiNic’s in Philadelphia, Richman praises the roast-pork gyro. It’s a foot-long roll lined with sharp provolone squares, filled with juicy pork slices, and topped with broccoli raab. Next to a Pittsburgh beauty containing French fries, cole slaw, two thick tomato slices, and a runny fried egg, Richman praises the simplicity of the roast pork. He highlights the broccoli rabe, in particular, for providing a tasty contrast, and he observes that the low starch content allows the ingredients to shine individually. After a spin with the B.I.T.E. scale that allows him to repeat his favorite chestnut—“I remembered it being good. I had forgotten how good”—that precision is a miracle.

Accept that Best Sandwich In America is the tip of a peninsula off of food criticism, though, and the show has plenty of pleasures amid the awkward jokes and the repetitive reality-show exposition. Most importantly, the subjects themselves: Every sandwich in the first two episodes sounds and looks delicious. New York’s classic pastrami and corned beef, a New Orleans shrimp po’ boy, a sassy Gulf Coast grouper Reuben, even the regional sandwiches that failed to make the bracket—shown in a quick slideshow at the end of each episode—are seductive in this light.

The brief background interludes, explaining how the delis came to be and how not just the sandwiches but the ingredients are made, also help convey the experience to the audience. The Pittsburgh contender has fries and slaw inside because truckers only had one free hand. So Primanti Bros. put all the sides on the sandwich. Watching its assembly—the freshly sliced Italian loaf, the provolone melting atop a pile of capicola, the mountain of food squeezed between bread—goes a long way toward compensating for the show’s refusal to put all that into words. Best Sandwich In America may not be able to convey the experience of eating, but it sure gives good set-up.

Too bad the audience doesn’t get to taste all these drool-worthy stunners. Richman is our avatar, our overly pleased taste buds. We don’t really get to root for favorites, at least beyond our home regions, because there’s almost nothing for a television audience to judge on. The show depends on Richman’s translation, which is why vague hyperbole is junk food. But describing the flavors and mechanics and experience of eating a sandwich—that guides people through. That’s how Richman brings us along for the ride, silently watching as he tastes Texas brisket for us. After all, Best Sandwich In America isn’t really a competition show, even if it tends to forget that.

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