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Donut dessert - Oana's hearts

Donut dessert - Oana's hearts

Dissolve the yeast in a little warm water, add the sugar, stir to dissolve the sugar. Then add eggs, milk, flour, salt, mix well and knead with oil (as in cake), thus replacing melted butter with oil. Knead until it becomes sufficiently consistent and elastic.

Grease the dough with a little oil, cover with cling film and leave to rise until it doubles in volume.

Sprinkle the flour on the work table and divide the dough into smaller pieces that are worked in turn. Spread the first piece in a thicker sheet. Cut the donuts with a glass or a pastry. I made different shapes, but hearts were my favorites and I dedicated them to Oana for her recipe :)

Fry the donuts in hot oil until brown.

Serve with your favorite jam or vanilla powdered sugar at home.

Total time: approx. 2h 40min

Portions: 12

Good appetite!

Donut Dessert - Oana's Hearts - Recipes

Do you like to make all kinds of sweets for your family? How about a new recipe? Cream and almond cake, a dessert to enjoy with all your loved ones.

For the countertop: 6 eggs, 6 tablespoons sugar, 6 tablespoons flour, 3 tablespoons oil, 1 packet baking powder, 1 lemon essence

For the cream: 2 eggs, 275 g sugar, grated peel of 2 lemons, juice of 2 lemons diluted with water to reach together 250 ml, 50 g flour, 300 g cream

For decoration: 200 g cream, 1 jar of chocolate cream, 150 g chopped almonds

For meringue hearts: 2 egg whites, 1 pinch of salt, 180 g powdered sugar

Rub the yolks with 4 tablespoons of sugar, add the oil and continue to stir vigorously. Add the sifted flour with the baking powder, the lemon essence and mix well.

At the end, add the beaten egg whites with two tablespoons of sugar.

Gently incorporate the egg whites into the rest of the composition and pour it into a cake tin lined with baking paper.



175 g soft butter at room temperature

400 ml sweetened condensed milk

2 sachets of vanilla sugar

2 tablespoons caster sugar

280 g sifted flour

1 sachet of baking powder and a little salt.

Using a mixer, beat the butter until it becomes a cream. Add the condensed milk and continue mixing. You will get a consistent and velvety cream. Add vanilla and eggs one at a time

Mix the flour with the baking powder and add it in three batches.

You will get a creamy composition.

Pour it on a piece of aluminum foil and put it in the fridge for 10 minutes.

I sprinkled flour
and I tossed the dough.
And punch hearts. Place them on a tray lined with baking paper and place them in the oven at 180 degrees C for 8 minutes (on my stove)
I also cut them into flower shapes, because it was MARCH 8 :)
Remove them and let them cool
I decorated them with chocolate dashes.

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Preparation Grated apples in a jar for pies and cakes. Wash the apples and clean the stalks and seeds, optionally and the peel. Place on a large grater, sprinkle with lemon juice and sprinkle with sugar. Boil over low heat until it changes color and forms a syrup, but not more than 7-8 minutes. We offer customers the best CAKES, cakes, both savarina, ecler, cozonac, feta pies, spinach pies, and croissant , American baclavas and sweets, all crafted with skill and craftsmanship

Since she is a mother, Oana Mizil has more time for her family, but especially for what she really likes as an activity. Marian Vanghelie's wife took over the reins of a candy business. It is about the Cadé confectionery, with its own laboratory and workshop, from the navel of the Capital. Art cakes come out of Oana's hands. In the summer we make a lot of cakes or fruit pies. It is normal. We can always replace the fruit with others, depending on the season. This pie with cream or yogurt can also be filled with cherries, sour cherries, blackberries, blueberries, plums, etc. I make this kind of pie with yogurt and winter, but without fruit (only with raisins) Cakes (5) Quiches and pies (8) Tarts (9) Cakes (13) Uncategorized (0) 5 products Apricot Cakes Cakes. 80.00 lei. 80.00 lei. Add to Basket. 80.00 lei. Add to Basket. This site uses cookies to personalize and enhance your browsing experience. I accept Learn more Step by step picture cake recipes, homemade cake recipes, cake recipes, chocolate cake, fruit cake, whipped cream cake, festive cakes, muffin recipes, cake recipes, cake recipes cookies, croissant recipes, homemade cookie recipes, cake recipes, tart recipes, cheesecake recipes, cake recipes that never fail Choose from our recipes for delicious cakes, to pamper your taste buds and to impress your family and friends in your daily life or on special days: Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter. We offer you a collection of homemade cake recipes, simple and easy to prepare, cakes without baking.

Grated apples in a jar for pies and cakes

The tastiest dishes from the traditional Romanian cuisine! Fast home and office delivery We have reached almost 100 cake recipes in 10 years on the site and you will find here the best homemade cakes, traditional recipes, simple, explained in steps with pictures, many and VIDEO. Of course, the famous Tiramisu, Negrese of all kinds, Apple and other fruit cake, Burnt sugar cream, Chocofalnul, etc.

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  1. Due to its creaminess, yogurt is often used in many cake recipes, in fact it is the basic ingredient, which gives a special flavor and leaves the dough fluid, so that, finally, the dessert melts in your mouth. Yogurt cake recipe Ingredients 1 liter of yogurt 8 eggs 350 grams caster sugar vanilla essence 150 [
  2. Cakes, chocolate, candy, ice cream, cakes, pancakes. All in one word: sweets. The constant desire to sweeten ourselves at least once a day has a precise cause: sugar addiction. But what about the little ones, who may not have reached this level yet, but sigh for something sweet? There are variants! For example, a cake with [
  3. Marian Manole (51 years old), Madalina Manole's brother, was left without tears, after all the dramas lived. Ten years ago he buried his famous sister, his mother died in 2017, and his father, Ion Manole, lost the battle with the dreaded coronavirus, at the age of 78. Marian alleviates her longing for her loved ones by holding in her hand the pictures from the years they formed her.
  4. Habermann Square in Sibiu was filled with pies and goodies September 26, 2020 USD 24 No comments Pie makers competed in all sorts of goodies, but by far the most sought after were the famous Moldovan lap-in-the-waist pies, prepared right in in front of customers
  5. 24.08.2020 - Explore Ana Petruescu's board Cakes, followed by 284 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cakes, Sweets, Food
  6. united, then look! Edible flowers - that's the secret! We'll give you 105.
  7. Yogurt for cakes. How important is the percentage of fat. Cow's milk yogurt with 3.2% or 4% fat is usually used for soft dough for croissants, cream cakes or pies. Yogurt is also used for doughs that break into sheets because it helps to leaven and tenderize.

Cream with mascarpone and caramel for cakes and pies, recipe with pictures. Caramel cream for cakes and pastries. Cream for cakes and pastries, without butter and eggs Definitely, the glass should be made of microwave-resistant glass, just like your bowls. Simple tricks in the kitchen. Cook faster and cleaner. When you have to clean vegetables and fruits for various dishes, salads, dishes or cakes, there are a lot of shells, stalks and seeds on the table. that most of the milk and cheese preparations, sold in units near or inside the schools in Craiova, are fakes, wrote

Oana Mizil, from politics to cakes

Contents0.1 display1 Pokeball pay yourself2 Ash Ketchum and the Pokemon creature Pikachu - the two main characters of the Pokemon series2.1 The red dress is an inseparable part of every Pokemon pie2.2 The red balls are needed to catch Pokemon creatures The Pokemon series show itself is based on the eponymous video game by Nintendo and has won many fans PHOTO 9 - Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - The famous products of Mopan, from everyday bread, red and fluffy rolls, delicious cakes and pies, pies with all kinds of fillings, but also flour, corn or dairy products are now closer to the people of Suceava, to whom they are brought directly home. We remind you that recently, several pictures with Andra aroused suspicion and many thought that the artist is pregnant again. Cătălin Măruță said then that everything was just a joke made by Pepe. There were some pictures for us, and Pepe had fun and posted them on Instagram and Facebook. Andra is not pregnant

The year 2020 came with many changes and the need to digitize all brands. Confectioneries have not escaped this step either - some of them have adapted, others have not. If you run a confectionery, you've probably run into the difficulties of digitization - being a business that is the combination of chocolate and pistachio is a special one. Suitable, therefore, for a special occasion. The cake is not hard at all. It does not bake, so it can be prepared on hot summer days, it looks very good,

Cream or yogurt pie, peach and raspberry

Cakes are everyone's favorite so we help you specialize in their preparation - here you can find recipes for sweets and cakes. 13 - Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - The famous products of Mopan, from everyday bread, red and fluffy rolls, delicious cakes and pies, pies with all kinds of fillings, but also flour, corn or dairy products are now more close to the people of Suceava, to whom they are brought directly home

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  • tit even better! Colorful photo frame for kids, beautiful images online with a clown, balloons and circus subjects. Funny vignette from a variety of frames for.
  • Pear and sweet cheese pie - the best pies are those with pears Dough: 500 g flour, 2 small yogurts, 5 tablespoons sugar, 2 eggs, 80 g lard, 1 cube of yeast. Preparation Once the yeast is dissolved in a little water and sugar, mix the ingredients well in the bowl until you get [
  • 15 pictures | See the gallery Dear and dear girl, Daniela Cuşnir, today, instead of returning home happy with a box of cakes from your wedding, I returned home from the last meeting with you, with tears in my eyes, with a roll, a towel and - a candle
  • Gabi wrote it and I laughed with tears. After I became a lover, she showed me some pictures of her where she was a whale. She was a different person. She was a dancer for a few years (folk dances, don't be fools) and she played handball. .Obviously, being curious, I asked her how the hell she looks so good now and before.
  • ute - Pies and pies are among the classic recipes for homemade dishes There is only one secret to success - The ratio between dough and filling must be equal Today's recipe proposes a dough based on [
  • One of the French favorites is an open pie filled with cream, eggs and cheese. The filling of such a pie can be different - meat, fish, vegetables and even fruits. An open pie with salmon and asparagus is one of the most delicious and healthy varieties of French open pie. And it is very simple to prepare

Raspberry nuts, magiun croissants, saints, mother-in-law cake, Moldovan pies, cheesecakes but also layered cakes rich in the taste of yesteryear, are just some of the goodies we discover in a confectionery chain in Iasi Breakfast with pictures. Omelet with onion and cheese. Weekend breakfast with omelet with green onions, dill and smoked cheese with salad, whole rye bread with seeds (homemade) and grapefruit juice 07.04.2018 - Ingredients: ¦200g biscuits ¦1 sachet of chocolate pudding ¦200 ml whipped cream ¦700 ml milk ¦grated chocolate Prepare the pudding according to the instructions on the envelope and let it cool. Biscuits My dear, you really selected the best homemade cakes. I enjoyed Easter and other occasions with the coconut dream cake, the shaved top cake and your nutella cake. Even now I didn't give up, I had to try others and I made the Tosca cake and Brigadeiro cake .It remains to try the Parliament cake as I have always heard good things Pies with ham and cheese are part of the category of delicious dishes, which are prepared quickly and eaten just as quickly. When you do not have much time for cooking, but guests knock on the door or you simply no longer have bread in the house, then these pies help you. Appetizing and flavorful pies are the ideal choice for breakfast or lunch

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He started with 12 traditional products - pies, homemade cakes and cakes specific to the area of ​​Moldova, but then, after testing childhood cakes - savarin, ecler, amandine and bohemian - and saw that people were crazy about the taste of the past, they- introduced in the portfolio and kept them until today. It is the well-known cow's cheese in the fluffy and creamy version in the form of a paste, ready to be added to goodies. Don't worry, choose this cheese with confidence for the best cheesecake or the best pie! Just add eggs, sugar and flavors! Since March, in their own stores in Botosani and Iasi Recipes for homemade cakes with apples and plums of different types of dough Fruit bread - pastries, which is relevant at any time of year. But it becomes especially popular in summer and autumn Gotlandspannkaka, an island-specific dessert with rice, almonds, milk, saffron and saffron ice cream make it great value. A kilogram of saffron costs at least 5,000 euros. Depending on the country where it is produced and the quality, the price can exceed 10,000 euros per kilogram

Cakes Chocolate Duo Cake, with egg white and walnut top European Print Portions: 20 Preparation time: 75 min Nutrients 200 calories 20 grams fat Cooking Fruit Course! I am extraordinarily proud of my team for what it has managed to do. Everyone gave their best to deliver a premium course, I know what emotions and how much preparation is behind this course, it is normal to be proud of what we managed to make together Delicious dough for cakes and pies in the oven - how to make a yeast dough from whole wheat flour, poshagovіy recipe with a photo Hostess, who, in their culinary practice, using whole grain flour, can adopt the proposed test recipe for cakes and pies Cakes and bread with maya Products MamaPan is the mayonnaise bakery that brings to the community healthy, nutritious and tasty bread, grown with mayo, without commercial yeast. In making bread, MamaPan does not use any chemical additives, but only water, salt, seeds and unadded flour, without improvers.

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Apple pies - Girandole con mele - Girandole rounds, meaning pies or some kind of donuts are pancakes filled with apples, which are prepared in the oven. Their shape is of the rounds, coming from the verb girare (to turn), meaning the rounds with apples. Here is also our house, Casa Tăbăcaru. In Peștera village, only 4 km from Moieciu and 7 km from Bran. With dedication, we are your hosts and we are waiting for you with the hot bread taken out of the oven, the aromatic cake, hot pies with cheese or apples, but also with the berries. Sugar-free cakes - Lemon cake. Ingredients: - 225 g white flour - Half a teaspoon baking powder - Grated peel 2 lemons - 125 ml oil - 1 tablespoon milk - 200 g yogurt - A cube of butter - Lemon juice - 2 large eggs. Preparation Sugar-free cakes - Lemon cake

3 photo frames online For example, making examples with a summer picnic or a visit to his beloved grandmother. Frame for photos of children with popular car cartoon characters, take a picture online There are housewives who, due to lack of time, rarely gather the family with fresh homemade cakes. Yes, often preparing the plates not only takes a lot of time, but also effort, but that does not mean you have to give up your favorite treatment, because there are hundreds of simple recipes for tasty and flavorful swimming pies, where you do not need to knead the dough. time. The shape of the cakes are large and small, closed and open. Most often, pies filled with meat and to make it darker. It is believed that because the meat will remain soft and juicy. In most cases, the meat pie is prepared on a large baking sheet or the refractory shape of the oven. In order to get a.

For your health, eat in moderation: wafers, cakes, buns and sweet or savory pies from the trade, burgers, kebabs, pizza, straw potatoes! Foods cooked at home do not contain large amounts of trans fats because, traditionally, they are not cooked with, or in partially hydrogenated oils or vegetable fats. Today I will share with you a recipe to make an express yeast test for pies, pies and cracks. The speed and simplicity of mixing allow you to cook lunch, dinner or breakfast in minutes. And the versatility of the recipe gives you the opportunity to use any filling: from salty, pepper to sweet Recipes recipes cakes with pictures: Cake with walnut leaves and lime cream, Cake with broth, Diet cake with cream cheese and berries. I agree that my personal data will be stored and used to receive news and commercial offers Green onion pie on yogurt - delicious homemade cakes. Recipes for green onion kefir pies in the oven and slow cooker Green onions will always give the pie freshness, and add both to the dough and to the filling

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  • Truffle cake. Why did I give it such a name? Because this cake is a delicacy that deserves to be honored with its presence, the Christmas meal, Easter or other events. The recipe is very old, it is an adaptation of mine from two others and apart from pictures , unfortunately I can't tell you more, but if you do, I'm sure you'll appreciate it
  • Spirals with vanilla cream and cherries or other fruits, a step-by-step recipe that helps you make tender dough for cakes, cookies and croissants tender or sandy dough, step by step recipe adapted from Silvia Jurcovan
  • im effortless and with little money. Apple pie is one of the simplest, most flavorful, tasty and tender cakes you can make at home, without spending too much time in the kitchen or your own.
  • TASTY HANDICRAFT BAKERY. Products. Bakery. Pastry. Tarts, pies and cakes. Fasting products. Plates. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE Our story.

Some time ago, Ana Baniciu declared that she must be careful with every move she makes so as not to put Mircea Baniciu, her father, in an embarrassing situation. It bothered me and I think I am bothered by the fact that during the period when I had all kinds of appearances in the press, I was Mircea Baniciu's daughter and when you are Mircea Baniciu's daughter, she is. New kiosks have appeared in Chisinau selling coffee, soft drinks, ice cream, pies and cakes. City Hall officials said they work legally and explained why they issued permits for this activity. Fried cakes - the food is delicious, although it is high in calories. But this can be temporarily forgotten. Moreover, if the filling pies - fruit, for example, apples.You can prepare a dish in the oven. But nothing compares to a red crust, which appears in pies, screaming in a pan.The scent of .. Today we present you the most successful and quick recipe for dough for pies. Whether you choose a salty filling or a sweet one, the pies in this dough will simply turn out delicious. The dough is prepared very simply from only 6 common ingredients, it is very soft, elastic and tasty. We are sure you will appreciate this successful recipe! INGREDIENT -500 ml of.

Ingredients Cake with cheese and blueberries. 2/3 cup cheese 1/3 cup cold water 1/2 tablespoon vanilla 1/2 cup blueberries 1/3 cup hot water 1/3 cup powdered milk 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 sachet unflavored jelly Preparation Cake with cheese and blueberries . Mix the gelatin with cold water and then add the hot water, stirring until it dissolves. For the filling: 4 -5 eggs, 500 gr sweet cheese, 200 g raisins 3 sachets of vanilla sugar, 300 gr sugar, 3-4 tablespoons yogurt, 3 tablespoons gray

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  • Filling from meringue tops with vanilla cream and sour cherry. Ornamentation only with ICING (no more than 3 overlapping levels, 18 kg maximum). It is NOT suitable for complex shapes
  • Well-known singer Simona Florescu looks impeccable at 52 years old. The ex-wife of the legendary actor Ion Dichiseanu has the silhouette of a 20-year-old girl. The star revealed, exclusively for Tacataca, how she manages to keep fit
  • At the foot of Piatra Craiului mountain, nature welcomed us in her house. Here is also our house, Casa Tăbăcaru. In Peștera village, only 4 km from Moieciu and 7 km from Bran. With dedication, we are your hosts and we are waiting for you with the hot bread taken out of the oven, the aromatic cake, hot pies with cheese or apples, but also with the fruits.
  • Vulpița and Viorel left the Capital and returned to Blăgești and it seems that this decision was an extremely good one for them. Veronica's Instagram account is very active, and Vi's wife is a killer selfie! 10 pictures taken before the protagonists die Triangle pies in sheets with beets.

Shops and prices - Shopping Smoby Electronic supermarket Smoby with scale, cash register with buttons, food and 41 turquoise accessories (SM350206) 350.00 RON !: (Electronic supermarket Smoby with cash register scale with food buttons and 41 turquoise accessories SM 350206

The most delicious yogurt cake

  • Rich in digestive enzymes
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  • When Mrs. Autumn is fully installed and the new wine is clearing in its place, what could be better than some hot pies - be they fresh cheese and green onion tails, autumn apple or plum? Pies like home. At my mother's house. Pictures of Pies like home

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The most recent photo on Instagram shows her in a very nice pose, craving pies, even with the message: Pies, before. Read also Timișoreana, fundraising campaign for doctors | 1 million lei to the Red Cross The perfect cream for cakes, pies and ice cream - Homemade caramel cream for whimsy and gourmets. Candies with Nutella and cheese - It is prepared from 500g of cheese. Caramel cheesecake - Prepare from 500g mascarpone, 3 eggs. In winter, open a jar of grated apples and you have a filling ready to use for cakes and pies. Maybe you will try the recipe for grated apples in a pie jar, but don't forget that fresh apples (which can be found all year round) are the best! I also make a delicious jelly (peltea) from apples - the recipe.

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With quite a bit of delay, I decided to post some (very good) cake recipes that I made for the holidays, but that I will definitely make during the year as well. I cooked, like everyone else, quite a lot of goodies, but I did not post the recipes, not having photos To prepare a wide range of sweets and pastries, from cakes to tarts, ice cream, pies and cakes, according to traditional recipes or modern, depending on the specifics of the area or customer preferences. Create new desserts based on your own experience or inspiration. Must. Like pumpkin pie, blackberry is one of the most popular homemade desserts. Here are some quick and tasty recipes that will suit you. Equally tasty are: Recipe Chocolate Turrets Recipe. You can use this chocolate icing to decorate various cakes, including blackberry. We do the same with all biscuits

.. Cake with cocoa top and coconut cream - Te. Flavia-April 30, 2020. 0. Poale-n Brâu Pies. Traditional Moldovan recipe Meat. Pork ribs with mustard sauce and honey. The most. Maria-November 27, 2017. 0. Vegetables. Musaca with eggplant and zucchini and minced meat. You should give your son fish and vegetables at least twice a week. Only no tuna and occasional salmon. The best meat is white poultry (chicken, turkey) and lean beef and veal. Only natural dairy products and preferably up to 2% fat (but not 0%)

Ingredients: 8 sheets of dough fillo (also called pie sheets) 3 eggs 400 grams of ricotta (or cottage cheese) 100 grams of butter salt Preparation: 1.Prepare a round tray with a diameter of 24 cm.La put baking paper on the bottom. 2. Because the pie sheets are large, I cut a part of them (Collectively) Cakes, pies, pies made from a fine dough and usually filled with meat, cheese, jam, etc.. 2. A place where pies, pies, etc. are consumed and sold

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Also here you can find the taste of traditional dishes so much appreciated: cow or goat cheeses, homemade cakes with natural colors, gingerbread, Moldovan cakes, pies and boyar croissants, jams and syrups, zacusca and ghiudem, bee products and Panciu, vegetables and seasonal fruits Fair with craftsmen and traditional products 27 - 29 May 2016 27 - 29 May 2016, in the inner courtyard Between 27 - 29 May 2016 we are waiting for you at the Fair with craftsmen and traditional products, in the yard of the National Peasant Museum Român, from Bucharest, Str. Monetăriei, no. 3. The entrance to the fair is free The pan for Delimano Air Fryer helps you to get more out of the Fryer with Delimano Air Fryer, the device that cooks healthier fried food at the touch of a button, without calories, dirt or the smell of frying in oil. This high-quality non-stick pan fits in the cooking basket and opens up a world of new recipes, inclusive.

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So it was with one of the most recent pictures. The young woman appears dressed in a black dress, molded and with a very generous neckline, and the message is suggestive: What do you think about my dress? Homemade desserts explained step by step: delicious cakes, easy cakes to make. Traditional desserts: alivanca, papanași, pies, sweet doughs Contains: 20% organic sea buckthorn juice, 80% apple juice. It does not contain sugar or preservatives. It does not contain dyes. Pasteurized product, storage temperature 2-8 And again pies :)) my children are waiting as if I make them from Easter to Christmas.pff. Pregnancy pictures per week, images The terrace is large, spacious, colorful and a good host for various cultural and artistic events. At Acuarela you will find sandwiches, tarts, cakes and many types of drinks: lemonades, coffees, water syrup, hot chocolate, cocktails and beer.

Prepare two round baking trays and grease them with oil. Then cover them with baking paper and grease the edges well with oil. 2. In a medium-sized bowl, mix the flour with the baking powder and salt, then set the bowl aside. 3. Add the butter and sugar to the bowl of a mixer and mix at medium speed for 2 minutes. The new VLAD season has come with a lot of action and new characters, which will shape the story of revenge. This season, the series was joined by a lot of beloved names, such as Marius Manole, Manuela Hărăbor, Raluca Aprodu and Tudor Chirilă Patiserie - Confectionery with Romanian specific: Romanian shops and restaurants / event organizations: London. Step 1 I mixed the flour with the dry yeast, and I put the milk on the fire, together with the butter, salt and sugar. I kept it only until the butter melted and the sugar dissolved, meaning that the mixture should only be warm, not hot. We poured over the flour and kneaded with sarg for about 4-5 minutes, until the dough becomes elastic and smooth on the surface. . Because always [. ] - written by crismis about [Where do we eat in Catania? / CATANIA Grinchul este un personaj fictiv care a fost creat de Dr. Seuss, uneori fiind numit Ardi. Prima sa apariție ca antierou este în cartea pentru copii din 1957 Cum Grinchul a furat Crăciunul (How the Grinch Stole Christmas!). În 1966 a fost interpretat de Boris Karloff într-un episod special animat de televiziune.. Referințe și not

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Îţi place să pregăteşti tot felul de dulciuri familiei tale? Ce zici de o reţetă nouă? Tort cu frişcă şi migdale, un desert de savurat cu toţi cei dragi.

For the countertop: 6 ouă, 6 linguri zahăr, 6 linguri cu vârf de făină, 3 linguri ulei, 1 pachet praf de copt, 1 esenţă de lămâie

For the cream: 2 ouă, 275 g zahăr, coaja rasă de la 2 lămâi, zeama de la 2 lămâi diluată cu apă pentru a ajunge împreună la 250 ml, 50 g făină, 300 g frişcă

For decoration: 200 g frişcă, 1 borcan cu cremă de ciocolată, 150 g migdale tăiate

Pentru inimioarele de bezea: 2 albuşuri, 1 praf de sare, 180 g zahăr pudră

Freci gălbenuşurile cu 4 linguri de zahăr, adaugi uleiul şi continui să amesteci energic. Adaugi făina cernută cu praful de copt, esenţa de lămâie şi amesteci bine.

La sfârşit, adaugi albuşurile bătute spumă tare cu două linguri de zahăr.

Încorporezi uşor albuşurile în restul compoziţiei şi o torni într-o formă de tort tapetată cu hârtie de copt.

Video: Ρολάκια κανέλας ψητά ντόνατς κανέλας (December 2021).