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Horn with jam and walnuts

Horn with jam and walnuts

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Mix the yeast in 200 ml of milk and leave it to rise slightly (until air bubbles form on the surface).

Mix flour, sugar and butter until butter is incorporated. Add the yolks, vanilla and milk with yeast and knead until a crust is formed. If the crust is too hard, add the rest of the milk. The crust must be soft, but it can be kneaded.

Leave to rise until it doubles in volume (lasts longer than bread, because it has a lot of fat)

Meanwhile, grease 2 cake trays (or line them with baking paper). Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

When the crust is ready, divide it in two. Spread a piece and put half of the jam and half of the walnut on it. Be careful not to put it to the edge.

Roll the cake like a tube and put it in the shape of a cake.

Do the same with the second piece of coca. Grease the two croissants with beaten egg whites and bake over medium heat for 25 minutes. Let the croissants cool a bit, then carefully remove them from the trays, as they are very fragile. Let them cool on a metal grill.

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